Getting to Columbia

Fly into Kansas City or St. Louis

Most people fly into either the Kansas City airport or the St. Louis airport. Each of these airports is located approximately 120 miles, or a two-hour drive, from Columbia. After getting off your plane, you should follow the signs to baggage claim to pick up your checked luggage. Most ground transportation services at both airports leave from just outside the baggage claim areas; look for signs to the appropriate transportation.

Ground transportation to Columbia

  • Airport shuttle: You can use an airport shuttle (van service) to get to Columbia. Check their websites for schedules and pricing.
  • Bus service: Bus service to Columbia from Kansas City and St. Louis is available on Greyhound. You will have to take a taxi/ride share service or public transportation from the airport to the Greyhound station in both cities.
  • Rental car: If you want to rent a car, you may be able to make arrangements in advance online. Remember to ask the rental company about what documents you will be required to show in order to rent and drive the car.
  • Ride with a current student: Sometimes international student organizations help coordinate rides for new students. Please contact the organizations directly for more information.

We do not recommend using a taxi or ride share service to get from Kansas City or St. Louis to Columbia.

Fly into Columbia

Another option is to fly into the Columbia Regional Airport, which is a short 15-minute drive south of the MU campus. Refer to the airport website for current flight options. Shuttles and taxis or ride share services are available from the airport to the MU campus or your local accommodations.