Program overview

Who are sponsored students?

Sponsored students receive primary educational funding through a third-party source, such as a government (U.S. or foreign), foundation, nonprofit organization, employer, university or business. Students receiving financial support through an MU academic department would not be considered sponsored.

Not sure if you’re a sponsored student? If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, contact the Sponsored Student Program for more information.

  • Do you receive educational funding from a source other than your family or the University of Missouri?
  • Does your scholarship provider require invoicing?
  • Does your scholarship program have reporting requirements?

About the Sponsored Student Program

The MU Sponsored Student Program provides comprehensive services to sponsored students and sponsoring agencies from admission inquiry through graduation. The program also serves as students’ central point of contact and liaison for campus stakeholders, including academic divisions, Graduate School, Office of Admissions, Residential Life, Intensive English Program and Cashiers Office.

The Sponsored Student Program currently works with more than 30 sponsoring agencies and serves approximately 200 students each year. These students represent nearly 50 countries and study a variety of fields at non-degree, undergraduate and graduate levels.



The Sponsored Student Program provides a wide variety of services to sponsoring agencies and their students, as well as to University of Missouri departments and community members.

Sponsoring agencies
  • Assistance with documentation requests, such as cost of attendance estimates and third-party billing support.
  • Communication with students and campus stakeholders.
  • Annual visits to sponsors based in New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Campus visit support and facilitation.
Prospective and new students
  • Application support for Intensive English Program, non-degree, undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Airport arrival assistance.
  • Housing resources and assistance.
  • Specialized orientation and welcome events.
Current students
  • Full-service advising, including:
    • F-1 and J-1 immigration compliance support for students’ whose records are managed by MU.
    • Sponsorship compliance and reporting requirements.
    • Enrollment and registration.
    • Campus and community resources.
    • Dependent resources.
  • Communication with sponsoring agencies, campus stakeholders and the Columbia community.
  • Insurance waiver processing for students with qualifying coverage.
  • Annual and semester sponsored student events.
MU departments and community members
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Fulbright application support.