Insurance and health care

Insurance waivers

Each semester, the Sponsored Student Program prepares a list of students who receive adequate insurance coverage through their sponsor and are eligible for a waiver of enrollment in MU’s international student insurance policy. In order to add you to the list for a particular semester, you must be enrolled in credit hours for the semester in question. It can take several days for the waiver to be applied. You can check the status of your waiver by reviewing your MU student account balance in myZou. If the waiver has not been applied by the add/drop deadline for the semester, notify the Sponsored Student Program.

If the waiver has been applied to your account but you receive an insurance card for MU’s international student policy, feel free to destroy the card. It is no longer valid since the waiver has been applied to your account. If you received health care services from the Student Health Center or MU Health Care before your insurance waiver was processed, please ensure that these offices are billing the correct insurance provider.

Using the Student Health Center

When utilizing the Student Health Center, you must provide a copy of your insurance card so that bills for check-in, immunizations and any visits are sent to your insurance company. If the Student Health Center does not have a copy of your card on file, these charges will remain on your student account. If you have supplemental insurance through your sponsoring agency, you must also provide your insurance card in order for the charges to be billed correctly.

If you have a question about a Student Health Center bill, contact their insurance specialists. For questions about bills from outside providers, call the customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card.