Information for departments

International Student and Scholar Services provides support for MU academic units hiring or hosting international faculty, staff and scholars. This support includes processing immigration documents as part of the hiring process and maintaining scholars’ immigration records during their time at MU, as well as orientation and advising for scholars.

 J-1 scholarH-1B scholar
Length of stayUp to five years. No extensions.Six years, increments of up to three years. Since H-1B is a dual intent status, extensions beyond the six years are possible based on an approved I-140 or an I-485 that has been pending for more than 365 days for scholars from countries without visa numbers available.
Processing timeQuick processing by the ISSS.ISSS processing takes an average of one to three months (dependent on Department of Labor timing). U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudication process generally takes approximately six months. Premium processing ($2,805) expedites the process to two to three weeks.
RestrictionsPossibly subject to 212(e) restrictions. Waiver required to change to H-1B status or permanent residence. Visitor can return as a research scholar no sooner than 24 months after the first program has ended.Must comply with Department of Labor’s Labor Condition Application regulations. Wage requirement (Prevailing Wage Determination) and all financial support must come from MU. Aliens subject to 212(e) two-year home residence requirement are not eligible.
Fees$200 administrative fee (paid by department).$460 I-129 fee; $500 anti-fraud fee; $1,000 administrative fee; $2,805 fee for premium processing, if requested. Department must pay all fees except premium processing, which can be paid by either the scholar or department.
DependentsA J-2 dependent is allowed to take classes, pursue a degree and work, with a USCIS recommendation. Obtaining work authorization may take up to three months.An H-4 dependent may take classes or pursue a degree. Most H-4 dependents are not allowed to work. $470 (for paper filing, $420 for online filing) I-539 fee for H-4 dependent application, paid by the scholar.

Fees to departments

International Student and Scholar Services charges administrative service fees to MU departments for employment-based permanent residence petitions. The fee program includes J-1 exchange visitors and H-1B specialty occupations. The following guidelines provide the policy framework used by ISSS.

  • Fees are charged for the following categories of international employees and visitors:
    Scholar type Transaction point Fee amount
    J-1 scholar Initial, extension and transfer $200
    H-1B scholar Initial, extension and transfer $1,000
    TN petition Initial and extension $800
  • Fees are paid by the MU department or unit requesting scholar services and are charged using the departmental MO-code indicated on the International Scholar Fee Form. The beneficiary may not pay the fee on behalf of the MU department, and personal checks are not accepted for scholars services.
  • Scholar fees are non-refundable. Once the request for scholars services has been made to ISSS and the services have been delivered, the scholar fees cannot be refunded, even though the possibility remains that the visa may not be granted or the benefit may be refused by a federal agency. Though the result cannot be guaranteed, ISSS will work toward the successful completion of each scholar request to resolve unexpected immigration obstacles.
  • An MU department may make a written appeal for a refund of scholar services fees, particularly when it can be demonstrated that circumstances beyond its control contributed to the situation. Appeals are reviewed by the vice provost for International Programs.
  • ISSS may refer an MU department to appropriate legal counsel, as designated by the UM System General Counsel’s Office, for scholar cases that are determined to be beyond the scope of ISSS services. Costs are associated with the use of external legal counsel must be borne by the MU department, not the international employee/visitor or General Counsel’s Office.
  • The fees as announced are subject to change, based on a variety of conditions, including changes in federal regulations, legal costs and service demands.

Note: Fees do not apply to J-1 students admitted to regular academic semester exchange and degree programs.