Transfer to Mizzou

If you are a J-1 student, please contact an international student adviser to discuss your transfer.

If you are an F-1 student, the process for transferring from one U.S. school to another is easy. Simply have your immigration record transferred from your current school to MU following these steps.

  1. Obtain admission to MU through the Office of Admissions or Graduate School.
  2. Tell a designated school official (usually an international student adviser) at your current school that you want to attend MU. Make sure you meet your current school’s requirements for transfer.
  3. Discuss the date you want to transfer to MU with a designated school official at your current school.
    • The date you transfer schools is called your “release date.”
    • As of this date, you will be considered an MU student and no longer a student at your current school.
    • The date must be after the end of a semester at your current school and no more than five months before the beginning of the next semester at MU.
    • The date must be during the 60-day grace period after the completion date of your program or optional practical training.
    • Your employment authorization will end on your release date.
  4. Work with your school official to complete the Transfer In Recommendation form and send to
  5. The designated school official at your current school will submit your transfer request to SEVIS. The official may want to know MU’s SEVIS number, which is KAN214F00635000.
  6. On your release date, SEVIS will electronically transfer your record to MU through SEVIS.
  7. MU will mail your new I-20 to you, or you can collect it from our office after you’ve arrived at MU. If you are traveling outside the U.S., you must use your MU I-20 when you re-enter the United States. If you are concerned that you may not get your MU I-20 before you leave the U.S., please contact us with your preferred home country mailing address, and we can send your document to you.