Asian Affairs Center alumni from South Korea and Japan organize program reunion

Feb. 22, 2019

LEAD program alumni pose on a beach on a cloudy day.Former students from the fall 2016 Leadership through English Advancement and Development program reunited in mid-January for a weekend celebration. Students came from all over South Korea to meet their Japanese counterparts arriving at the Incheon International Airport from Tokyo. Out of the 16 original participants, 13 were able to meet and share their favorite stories and memories of their time at the University of Missouri.

Ty Rhoads, Asian Affairs Center LEAD program coordinator, LEAD program alumni pose while sitting on the floor of a hotel roomwas also able to take part in the reunion. “It was incredible to see these former students meet after nearly three years and pick up right where they left off,” said Rhoads. “I am so happy to be here and share this experience with them.”