Giving to International Programs

Mizzou welcomes students, faculty, staff and researchers from all over the world. Students also gain new perspectives on academics and obtain skills for the global workforce through study abroad experiences. As a result of this global scope, Mizzou boasts thousands of international alumni spread across 135 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

Whether your gift supports study abroad initiatives or provides funding for international students and scholars, your generosity will strengthen Mizzou’s position as a global university.

Gift opportunities

International Student and Scholar Fund

International students and scholars come to MU from more than 120 countries around the world. Mizzou is, and always had been, made stronger through the contributions of our international community. Gifts to this area provide emergency assistance to students struggling to afford basic needs or support programs and activities that integrate international students and scholars into the life of our campus and our community.

Give to international student and scholar fund

Study Abroad Scholarship Fund

Mizzou has made it a campus priority to ensure that by 2030 every student will have a global learning experience. This reflects our commitment to helping students learn to communicate across cultural and national boundaries in their personal and professional lives. Your gift affords students transformational opportunities they otherwise would not have.

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International Programs Ukraine Emergency Fund

The International Programs Ukraine Emergency Fund seeks to provide financial assistance and support to Mizzou’s Ukrainian students, scholars and their families impacted by the war in Ukraine. Donations to this fund will assist currently enrolled Ukrainian students with educational, living or medical expenses. The fund may also be used to provide support for students’ and scholars’ family members in Ukraine, covering basic needs like food, water or shelter; relocation to safety; or evacuation out of Ukraine. Additionally, the fund may be used to assist Ukrainian students and scholars displaced by the war and seeking to study, teach or engage in research at Mizzou. There’s no better time to show your support for Mizzou’s international community.

Give to International Programs Ukraine Emergency Fund

International Programs Afghanistan Emergency Fund

The MU International Programs Afghanistan Emergency Fund seeks to evacuate more than 60 family members of University of Missouri students, alumni, faculty and staff who are stranded in Afghanistan. Mizzou’s Afghan community members have strong ties to the United States through their participation in the U.S. Department of State’s prestigious Fulbright scholarship program, previous affiliations with U.S. agencies and companies, or employment at MU. Due to these affiliations, their immediate and extended family members are in danger of harassment and persecution by the Taliban. Your gift to this fund will support MU students, alumni, faculty, staff and their families fleeing Afghanistan, including the costs of humanitarian parole application fees, consular visa fees, transportation, accommodations and other related expenses as they resettle in the United States. There’s no better time to show your support for Mizzou’s international community.

Give to International Programs Afghanistan Emergency Fund

Areas of Greatest Need

Gifts to support areas of greatest need enable university leadership to act strategically and quickly when unexpected opportunities or challenges arise. That could mean providing scholarship support for study abroad experiences or international students and scholars, attracting stellar faculty from around the world or creating innovative programs that deliver unique educational and personal development experiences.

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