Domestic Travel Registry

The Domestic Travel Registry provides an efficient and effective way for the University of Missouri to know the location of and communicate with students participating in university-related domestic travel in response to a crisis or event that has the potential to negatively impact their health, safety or security. Information also may be used to document MU student participation in experiential learning and communicate with students about research they perform, if applicable.

All MU graduate and undergraduate students traveling individually or in groups within the United States and outside of Missouri and the adjoining metropolitan areas are required to register travel that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Partially or fully funded by the University of Missouri.
  • Related to an MU course or curriculum requirement.
  • Organized by an MU faculty or staff member within the scope of their MU employment.

This policy does not apply to University of Missouri Athletics. It also does not apply to travel by student organizations unless the travel meets one or more of the criteria above. Mizzou Online students are not required to register their travel.

Examples of university-related domestic travel that would require registration include:

  • Internships, student teaching and other practicums or clinicals that are related to MU degree requirements.
  • University-funded travel by recognized student organizations or club sports.
  • Required or elective trips that are part of an MU course.
  • Attending an academic conference with university funding.
  • Non-credit service-learning or volunteer activities organized by an MU faculty or staff member within the scope of their MU employment.
  • Conducting research that is related to a degree requirement.
  • Performances or exhibitions as part of an MU course or degree requirement.

Students participating on university-related domestic travel are still subject to the MU Standard of Conduct.

If you are unsure whether you are required to register or have other questions, contact the Office of International Health, Safety and Security by email (

All students participating on university-related domestic travel that meets the above criteria are required to register in the Travel Registry.

If you are traveling in a group:

  • Select “Student – group travel” as the reason for travel
  • List the group leader as the primary MU contact

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