China Up-Close 2018

Nov. 16, 2017

Explore China on this guided tour of Beijing, Jingbian, Xi’an and Shanghai. Get an in-depth look at the “real” China most tourists seldom see as you taste authentic Chinese food, experience cave dwelling in the Gobi plateau and see the Terra Cotta Warriors. You will wander behind modern facades through small alleyways, breathe exotic smells, taste local delicacies, bargain for deals at traditional markets, visit historic temples and, most importantly, mingle and chat with intriguing and captivating locals you will never forget.


May 22–June 2, 2018


  • Three nights in Beijing: Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City
  • Two nights in Jingbian: Outpost along the Silk Road, cave dwellings
  • Two nights in Xi’an: Terra Cotta Warriors Museum
  • Three nights in Shanghai: Where East and West meet, China’s most vibrant cosmopolitan city


For some Westerners, China evokes images of the Forbidden City, Gobi Desert or Grottos. For others, China is primarily known for its magnificent cultural legacies, bustling crowds, constant conflict with Western principles and rapid transformation into an economic giant with socialist characteristics. The real lives of the ordinary people of China are too often a mystery to many Westerners. Don’t miss this chance to take an up-close look at one of the world’s most interesting destinations. This is your chance to demystify China. You will return home with a feel for China that eludes traditional tourists.


For more information about this trip or speak with your guide, contact Gary Dou (email:; phone: 573-884-8201 or 573-268-5228).


This trip is open to everyone!

Guide Gary Dou, native speaker and experienced traveler, is a highly qualified and popular tour coordinator for trips to China and other parts of Asia.

People who have traveled with Gary said:

  • “Gary introduced us to memorable historic and scenic sites.”
  • “He has a gift for bringing the Chinese culture alive for Americans.”
  • “His easy-going personality and his genuine care for his participants will make this an unforgettable cultural immersion journey.”
  • “He will walk you down unbeaten paths, take you to savory ma-and-pa eateries, help you hone your bargaining skills and broaden your experience with his bi-cultural understanding.”

This cultural experience is organized by the MU Asian Affairs Center and MU Confucius Institute.