Don’t waste your winter break!

Dec. 16, 2021

With no finals to study for or classes to attend, now is the time to start planning for an experience abroad. Here are some things to think about to help you get started.

Maddie smiles while leaning on the wall along a canal.Maddie Meyers, strategic communication and Spanish major, study abroad on the Spanish Language, Literature and Culture program during summer 2021. She shares her own insights on the study abroad planning process.

“As a Mizzou student who studied abroad, I understand the overwhelming feeling of trying to plan for study abroad. There are a lot of variables to consider, but Mizzou Abroad made it simple by always communicating and providing resources. By planning my program over winter break, I was able to reduce my stress and feel excited about all of the adventures and opportunities I was about to experience.”


When considering study abroad, cost can be a real concern. If you worry that the program you choose will be too costly, there are several ways to fund your program. Costs for studying abroad vary from program to program. For most, standard MU tuition and fees apply. Additional costs, such as program-specific fees, housing and travel, depend on your program structure and location. Sources of funding can include financial aid, scholarships specifically for study abroad and external funding.

“As a student with not a large income, I appreciate Mizzou Abroad’s scholarship opportunities to make my program more affordable. They provide funding services that cater to specific programs, and they are open to talking about different financial options. Truly, you will never travel for cheaper and get the most out of an experience than studying abroad in college.”

Program options

If you aren’t sure what option might be right for you, the program search is a great place to start. There are more than enough options to choose from — so take a look and find the right program for your degree, budget and experience.

“This part of the process is especially fun because you can look at the wide range of programs there are, from engineering programs in Italy to working with elephant conservation in Thailand. The program search makes it easy to specify what you are looking for in a program, where it is a certain location or area of study.”

Experiential learning

Accelerate your degree and earn credit when you study abroad — or start building your career before you even graduate. With options in cities like Cape Town, Shanghai and Sydney, you can gain real-world experience and build and impressive résumé with a Global Mizzou Internship.

“On my program, I was able to take six credits in a month and to then get my Spanish major quicker, as well as lighten my course load during the school year. This not only helped my advance in my program, but also gave me a lived experience that helped me feel more comfortable and confident in my field of study.”


If your family has concerns about connecting while you’re abroad, you can reassure them that communication is possible. Wi-Fi and free messaging apps make international correspondence accessible for everyone.

“I know communication was important to my family because this was the longest time I would be away from home, and in a different country, nonetheless. Mizzou Abroad gave me appropriate information to feel prepare for how to set up my devices for use abroad, and I was able to check in with my family and communicate with others frequently. Pro tip: Download WhatsApp for east international communication.

Studying abroad is one of the most incredible experiences, so I encourage you to take the time now to plan out your program, so you feel prepared to go live out your amazing global adventure!”

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