International Center awards more than $82,000 in study abroad scholarships for 2019

May 31, 2019

The International Center was pleased to award $82,680 in study abroad scholarships to 132 MU students studying abroad in 2019. Students have the opportunity to apply for these scholarships as part of the study abroad application process.

Congratulations to all the recipients!

International Center Scholarship

Provides need-, merit- and diversity-based awards to students participating in MU-approved study abroad programs throughout the world.

  • CeCe Blasi
  • Hannah Bodenhausen
  • Tyler Brumfield
  • Courtney Bullard
  • Steven Chaffin
  • Priyanka Chaudhary
  • Luci Cook
  • Sarah Cox
  • Kylie Dickerson
  • Thu Uyen Dinh
  • Briley Eilers
  • Sarah Grahn-Nilsson
  • Kalika Groaning
  • Jackson Hale
  • Kobi Hamby
  • Warren Haralson
  • Xavier Lukasek
  • Seriah McQueen
  • Dartrez Muex
  • Mary Grace Newman
  • Rebecca Poulin
  • Faith Power
  • Payton Suddeth
  • Julisha Wilkins

Bond International Scholars Award

Provides awards to students with demonstrated academic merit or financial need participating on MU-approved study abroad programs throughout the world.

  • Alex Beattie
  • Caroline Been
  • Sewit Belete
  • Madison Czopek
  • Olivia Hunt
  • Maddie Sahudin
  • Evelyn Stone
  • Sarai Vega

Smith Family Scholarship

Provides awards to students participating on MU-approved study abroad programs throughout the world. Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need, and 40 percent of annual scholarship awards will be given to students enrolled in the MU Trulaske College of Business.

  • Amari Anderson
  • Gianna Bugno
  • Lorenzo Giganti
  • Kristen Kimble
  • Savannah Korn
  • Alexandra Lady
  • Stephen Petralia
  • Rachel Slings
  • Kai Lynn Ward

Geoffrey Heyday Memorial Scholarship for London Study

Provides awards for MU students who have distinguished themselves both academically and in terms of demonstrating leadership on and off the MU campus, and who have demonstrated financial need.

  • Hope Johnson
  • Erin Sastre

Charles R. Franz International Center Scholarship

Provides awards to MU undergraduate students with financial need participating on on MU-approved study abroad programs throughout the world.

  • Elijah Brown

Operation Passport Scholarship

Provides awards equal to the cost of a passport for study abroad on eligible MU programs to students who obtained a U.S. passport as freshmen. Additional Operation Passport Scholarships were awarded by participating divisional study abroad offices, including the College of Business, College of Education and College of Engineering.

  • 88 International Center recipients
  • 55 divisional office recipients

Affiliated program scholarships

Several MU students also received study abroad scholarships from our affiliated program providers. Together these recipients were awarded more than $12,000 for study abroad in 2019.

  • Nichol Corretjer (Arcadia)
  • Sarah Cox (SAI Programs)
  • Anna Darnold (IES Abroad)
  • Olutoyin Jackson (SAI Programs)
  • Savannah Kelley (SAI Programs)
  • Samantha Lapka (IES Abroad)
  • Madison Nasenbeny (IES Abroad)
  • Jackson Paulus (CIEE)
  • Paul Pudil (IES Abroad)
  • Maddie Sahudin (SAI Programs)
  • Erich Sporleder (IES Abroad)
  • Nicolette Tate (SAI Programs)