International student services fee increasing by $20, effective fall 2018

April 19, 2018

The MU International Center is responsible for maintaining the university’s compliance with federal immigration regulations governing F-1/J-1 student and J-1/H-1B scholar visa programs. Ensuring compliance allows MU to welcome exceptionally bright and talented students from around the world to our campus. The center is also committed to enhancing the overall international student experience through programs that support students throughout their time at MU.

To support these critical services to MU’s international students, the existing international student services fee will increase by $20 per semester starting with the fall 2018 academic term. The new fee will be $100 per semester ($50 for summer — however, summer enrollment is optional for most F-1 and J-1 students).

Why the increase is needed

The fee has not changed since it was established in 2011. Since that time, the increasing scope and complexity of federal immigration regulations require more staff development, training, advising, immigration resources and technology support.

In addition to ensuring compliant, knowledgeable and responsive immigration advising, the International Center will continue to implement best practices to improve the international student experience.

How the fee is used

The international student services fee supports staffing and operational resources for student visa assistance, immigration advising, document support services, pre-arrival and arrival services, compliance reporting and record keeping, and programs to help students connect to and flourish within the campus and local community.

  • COMPLIANCE — sustain federally mandated F-1 and J-1 student compliance through critical immigration advising and document services.
    • Establish sustainable funding for staff training in regulatory and technology resources and tools.
    • Maintain an optimum adviser-to-student ratio to serve students with care and efficiency.
  • SERVICE — provide student support services with a focus on accessibility, convenience, friendliness and responsiveness.
    • Improved advising access.
    • Pre-arrival, orientation and first semester transition support.
    • Workshops and online resources to support post-graduation and career pathway transition.
    • Improved analytics to support data-driven service improvements.