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New student checklist

  • Set up your MU username (PawPrint) and password if you haven’t done so already. Need help? Contact the Division of IT Tech Support at 573-882-5000.
  • Update your local address in myZou to ensure your receive your health insurance card.
  • Complete online orientation in myStatus.
  • Take the English Language Exam — undergraduates only, though required by some graduate programs.
    • 9a.m.–12:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 12, in 382 McReynolds Hall
    • Arrive by 8:30 a.m. and bring an official photo ID and a face mask.
  • Take MyMathTest assessment — undergraduates only. If you will take a math course at MU, you may need to complete this exam. Go to the Mathematics website for more information and to take the exam online.
  • Meet with your academic adviser. Don’t know who your academic adviser is? Check myZou or with your department. Undergraduate students should wait to meet with their academic adviser until after their English language and math placement test scores are available.
  • Register for classes.
    • Graduate students: At any time.
    • Undergraduate students: After English language and math placement exams.
  • Get your MU ID card. Go to the ID office inside the Mizzou Store and tell them you need a student ID. Take your passport as identification, and you must be enrolled to get your ID.
  • Log in to your MU email account if you haven’t done so already. This is where you will receive all official university communications.
  • Complete your mandatory health screening. After your check-in session, you will be contact by the Student Health Center to schedule an appointment. Remember to take your immunization records with you to the screening.
  • If you have a job:

myZou and course registration

You will use your MU username (PawPrint) to log in to most MU technology resources. It typically consists of your initials and other, random characters.

Using your MU username and the temporary password you received by email, you can access myZou, MU’s online student system. After you log in to myZou the first time, you will need to change your temporary password to a permanent one that you will remember. More information about using myZou is available on the Registrar’s website.

After you meet with your academic adviser and determine which courses to take, you can register for classes in myZou. For the fall semester, you should register by Jan. 15 to avoid late fees. Follow this enrollment checklist to register for classes. Make sure you complete the “UM E-consent” option in myZou.

Textbook information

Textbooks for class can be bought in many different places and on many different websites. To find out what books you need, you can check online through The Mizzou Store or go to the store in the MU Student Center. When buying books, check the edition of the book to see if it matches the one you need for your class. When ordering books online, check how long it will take for the books to be shipped to you and be sure to allow enough time for the books to arrive before you need them for class.

Battling culture shock

The following are some suggestions that other international students have found helpful.

  • Look and listen. A word, phrase or gesture that means something in your home country may mean something very different in the United States. Watch people’s reactions in their conversations with you or others.
    • How close do people stand when they talk?
    • How do people greet each other?
    • Do people tend to agree with you or do they express dissenting opinions frequently?
    • What makes you feel dissatisfied or uncomfortable when communicating with someone?
    • How to Americans change their communication styles when talking with a professor? A student? A friend? A family member? A stranger?
  • Ask questions. Many times, others won’t realize that you don’t understand something. They will assume that if you don’t ask questions, you understand what is going on.
  • Keep an open mind. It is important to avoid labeling everything in the U.S. as good or bad in comparison to your own culture. Try to assess and understand others’ opinions before making a judgment.
  • Develop a support network. One of the hardest things about being abroad is that you are separate from the network of support you have developed over many years. Such closeness cannot be instantly replaced. Nonetheless, you should make an effort to meet people so that new friendships can develop. Having someone to discuss problems with can make your experience in the U.S. more enjoyable.
  • Get involved with programs and activities on and off campus. There are many international student groups on campus where you can meet other international students. We encourage you to get involved in groups where you can interact with students from the U.S. and other countries. The more you put into an experience, the more you will learn from it.
  • Use your sense of humor. Everyone makes mistakes while exploring a new culture. If you can laugh at your mistakes, learning will be easier.
  • Show openness and curiosity. In order to experience a new culture and learn from it, it is important to be open to new experiences, try new things and be curious about the way things are done.

We hope these suggestions are helpful and that you enjoy your experience at MU. If you are having difficulty adjusting to life in the U.S., you can contact the Counseling Center at 573-882-6601 to set up an appointment to speak with someone. All services are confidential.

Getting a cell phone

Most cell phone companies require a Social Security number and a two-year contract to sign up for a service plan, but there are several options for international students who don’t have a SSN. You will need to purchase a cell phone to be used with each plan (it is not included) or you may be able to purchase a SIM card if your phone is compatible with cellular service in the U.S., and some plans may require an activation fee. You will need to take your passport with you as identification.

Typically, you can pay a set amount based on your usage, or you can buy a prepaid card that has a set number of minutes on it. The following places offer these types of pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans:

Another option is to join a “family plan” with a current student who already has a SSN. Many U.S. carriers also offer international student programs — check with each carrier about its specific policies.

International food stores

  • A&Y Global Market | 15 N. 4th Street, 573-875-8724
    Sells a variety of international gourmet and local foods. About a 10 minute walk from campus.
  • Hong Kong Market | 2600 E. Broadway, 573-474-2878
    Sells Asian food, groceries and gifts. About a 25 minute walk from campus.
  • Lee’s Market | 700 Cherry Street, 573-443-1977
    Sells Asian groceries. About a five minute walk from campus.
  • Los Cuates Latin Market | 2908 Paris Road, 573-814-1545
    Sells Hispanic foods, clothes and cosmetics. About a 10 minute drive from campus.

See a list of other food stores near campus, as well as local stores that offer curbside pickup and deliver services.

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