Mizzou technology abroad

Multifactor authentication

You will still need to use multifactor authentication to access your Mizzou email and other online campus services while abroad. If you will not have access to your U.S. phone number for call or text verification while abroad, you should set up an alternative authentication method before departure.

If you are accessing your Mizzou account for the first time from abroad, you can set up an authenticator app following the instructions below instead of using call or text verification.

Authenticator app

If you will have a mobile device that has internet or other data access (e.g., SIM card from another country) while abroad, follow these instructions to set up an authenticator app.

If you won’t have access to a mobile device, you can install the GAuth Authenticator extension in Google Chrome to authenticate directly from your browser:

  1. After installing GAuth Authenticator, select the icon at the top left of your browser and choose “Add.”
  2. In a new tab or window, go to Microsoft My Sign-Ins Security Info and select “Add sign-in method.”
  3. Choose “Authenticator app” and “Add,” then select “I want to use a different authenticator app.”
  4. Select “Next” and choose “Can’t scan image?”
  5. Copy the account name and security key provided to GAuth Authenticator and select “Add.”
  6. On the My Sign-Ins set up page, select “Next,” then enter the six-digit code from GAuth Authenticator and select “Next.”
  7. GAuth Authenticator is now set up and ready to use.

If you need assistance setting up an authenticator app or accessing your account from abroad, contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Virtual private networking

Virtual private networking provides encrypted access to university resources from off-campus. Most university resources do not require VPN for access (e.g., email, SharePoint/OneDrive, PeopleSoft/myZou, Zoom and Canvas). If you will need VPN to access university resources while abroad, follow these instructions to set it up prior to departure.

Internet access using eduroam

Eduroam provides free Wi-Fi access to members of participating institutions. You can use your MU credentials to access an eduroam hotspot in more than 100 territories around the world.