Scholars, students share ideas about leadership during interview project

Oct. 17, 2017

LEAD students interview GLP scholars about leadershipIntense conversation and pizza dominated the bi-annual LEAD-GLP Leadership Interview Project on Sept. 21. Each of the nine LEAD students interviewed GLP scholars about their ideas on leaders and leadership. This was an opportunity for LEAD students to meet with GLP scholars who are leaders with vast experiences in many fields. In their Art of Leadership class, the students then wrote and presented stories about their interviewees. Below are a few things students shared about what they learned.

  • “It was a great experience for me to interview someone. We could share ideas about leadership, and it really inspired me.” –Hak Woo Kim
  • “The interview was really helpful, for I could learn good ideas about leadership. My interviewee said, ‘Integrity and honesty is the most important thing because if a leader is not honest, we can’t respect and follow them.'” –Daehwan Lim
  • “I learned, ‘The leader has to support the group. The leader has to be kind, attractive and fair.'” – Toko Suzuki
  • “Understanding different cultures is one of the important things to be a leader.” – Waka Sato