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Study Abroad Blog, Page 4

Las Fallas De Valencia

By Claire L.

Published April 18, 2022

In Spain, they have a festival called Las Fallas, and although it exists in several Spanish cities, one of the most well-known ones is in Valencia. My friends and I decided to take a weekend trip up to visit and it was probably one of my favorite things I’ve done here. The festival is a…

The end of first term

By Emilio A.

Published April 13, 2022

At Lancaster University in Lancaster, England, there are two terms that are divided by a month-long spring break! The first term is lent, which recently ended on March 25, and the next term, summer term, will begin April 25. During the first term, I went to lectures and seminars for all of my classes and…

The Vieux Port in Marseille

By Marc B.

Published April 11, 2022

Bonjour from Lyon, France! Recently, my friend Josh and I decided to take a trip to the southern coast of France to a city called Marseille. Marseille is the second-largest city in France and is famous for its port and views of the sea. While we were there, we…

Arctic Circle adventures

By Mary T.

Published April 8, 2022

One of the most amazing parts about studying abroad is checking items off your bucket list. When I decided to study abroad in Sweden, I was looking forward to the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights and checking it off my own bucket list. When I got here, however, I learned that seeing the lights…

Spring break study abroad

By Keltin S.

Published April 6, 2022

Going to college in the U.S, the thought of spring break typically brings up images of Florida or Mexico. Being in Italy, with these options thousands of miles away, we had to think more out of the box when considering where to escape to after midterms. After careful consideration (and finding the cheapest flights imaginable…

Family visits!

By Haedyn K.

Published April 4, 2022

My mom had the opportunity to visit me in Barcelona last week. We had the best time! I was surprised at how stressed I got to host my mom for a week, but it can be daunting to show someone around a city where you are also new. We tried lots of good food, and…

The wanderlust effect

By Anne C.

Published April 1, 2022

Ciao, Hola, Bonjour, Chairete, Hello! A combination of all the greetings I have used since my last blog post! Over the last few weeks, I’ve visited new countries and old friends, and learned about so many exciting cultures. My roommate Ali and I traveled to Milan, Naples and Capri during one of our first weekends…

The Norwegian experience part 2: Finding my place

By Nate B.

Published March 30, 2022

As I am writing this, I am sitting at the home of composer Edvard Grieg, in the same place where he often sat to find inspiration for his music. As I look out on this specific inlet of the North Sea, I understand why he chose this spot. The calm waters and forested islands, accompanied…

Working Paris Fashion Week

By Makenna T.

Published March 28, 2022

The celebrities, the photos, the fashion, the chaos. That’s just a quick recap of Paris Fashion Week. This season, I was able to intern for a French fashion brand VICTORIA/TOMAS during Paris Fashion Week. I interned for two months and the French work culture was difficult to adjust to in the beginning. A big difference…

Three things I love about Lancaster, England

By Mia B.

Published March 25, 2022

Hi all! I didn’t see any Top 10 posts come up for Lancaster when I searched it, so I figured a “here are my favorite things about Lancaster in general” post might be useful for those who are looking into the program or actively planning to go. I’ve also added a photo of a double-decker bus,…