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Study Abroad Blog

Traveling throughout Spain

By David S.

Published Nov. 12, 2021

I have now been studying abroad in Alicante for seven weeks, and time feels like it's flying by. With my program, I got to travel to Valencia for a day. We visited the Valencia Cathedral, a museum of abstract art, the central market and the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias. We even got to see…

Halfway point

By Jessica B.

Published Nov. 10, 2021

Some psychologists say that the reasoning behind why time seems to move slower during childhood than adulthood is novelty. When you are a kid, everything is so new to you that your brain takes longer to process your surroundings, resulting in time being perceived more slowly. I suspect that this same reasoning is why, although…

ثقافة جديدة: Discovering and adjusting to Jordanian life

By Evann T.

Published Nov. 6, 2021

As I zipped my small suitcase closed, I could hear the crickets chirping through my open window and feel the cool breeze. It seemed like a quintessential late summer's evening in Missouri. I suddenly became aware that the familiarity of home would soon be speeding away at the precise velocity of a Qatar Airways jet.…

Manchester, at last!

By Shea W.

Published Nov. 3, 2021

Before arriving in the U.K., I thought I was having a tough time — between my exchange program in Manchester, England, being canceled, then later delayed by a year, along with COVID causing major delays in the passport process (back in 2020, I thought this would be the hardest part of getting to the UK),…

Commuting in the United Kingdom

By Edith R.

Published Nov. 1, 2021

Commuting in the United Kingdom is very different compared to transportation in Missouri. Before coming here, I would get everywhere by using an Uber or driving, and when traveling I would simply book a flight. Commuting in the United Kingdom is completely reliant on modes of public transportation such as buses and subways. Uber is…

Aventuras en España

By Noelia I.

Published Oct. 27, 2021

Two months have gone by, and I am halfway through my time here in Madrid. Crazy how time flies, but I am enjoying every second of it. It has been a month since my last update, and A LOT has happened and changed (except the fact that I still love Spain!). …

Once upon a study abroad…

By Trinidy T.

Published Oct. 19, 2021

Once upon a time, there was a journalism student who chose to study abroad in Marburg. Ready to travel again, she packed her bags for the adventure of a lifetime. Not knowing who or what she would encounter along the way, she prepared herself (or tried to anyway) for anything and everything! Little did she…

The bittersweetness of the present moment

By Macy L.

Published Oct. 18, 2021

One week in England turned into three weeks in England, then all of the sudden I realized I have been in England for nearly a month and a half. Personally, time has the tendency to either drag along like a grandma in a marathon, or flash by like a kid running in a candy shop.…

Arriving in Alicante

By David S.

Published Oct. 11, 2021

Arriving in Alicante filled me with excitement. To get to the hotel I would initially be staying at, I took a bus from the airport that provided me with a free mini-tour of the city. The European architecture, sand-lined beach, immense shopping district, mountainous terrain, every last detail left me in awe. The idea that…

Bienvenidos a Alicante

By Jessica B.

Published Oct. 8, 2021

I have now been in Alicante, Spain, for two weeks but it already feels like I've been here for months. Over the course of just 14 days, I have met friends from all over the world, moved in with a host family and celebrated my 22nd birthday in a new city. My Spanish has improved…