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Asian Affairs Center

Show Me Series film screening: “Far East Deep South”

Published Oct. 22, 2021

The screening was in partnership with Ragtag Cinema and was followed by a panel discussion to discuss issues raised by the film.

Asian Affairs Center partners with Ragtag Cinema for virtual film screening

Headshot of Zhu against a backdrop of white snow.

Published March 25, 2021

The Asian Affairs Center will host a virtual film screening at 7:30 p.m. April 19 in partnership with Ragtag Cinema.

Happy Lunar New Year 2021

A man wearing red poses by a shelf of Chinese items

Published Feb. 11, 2021

The Asian Affairs Center extends its warm greetings to all of our partners and alumni on this Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

Milestone graduation on Giving Tuesday

scholars throw their hats in the air in celebration

Published Dec. 17, 2020

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, graduating members of the Global Leadership Program convened to celebrate their successful completion of the extensive professional training program and continue the tradition of making donations to the Columbia Public School District and Daniel Boone Regional Library.

GLP scholars join staff for autumn bike ride

Scholars and staff pose with their bikes alongside a gravel trail; a covered shelter with a sign that reads 'McBaine, MO' is in the background

Published Oct. 23, 2020

GLP scholars enjoyed an outing biking along the Katy Trail and plan to repeat the experience on Wednesday, Nov. 4, this time choosing a different portion of the trail.

Global Leadership Program hosts drive-through certificate ceremony

Sang Kim, wearing a mask, hands a certificate to a scholar through the driver's window of her car.

Published June 10, 2020

COVID-19 has caused problems for graduating students everywhere around the world, but the Asian Affairs Center faces a unique challenge. While many students graduate and head back to a nearby home, for graduates of Asian Affairs Center programs, their homes are often on the other side of the world. On Friday, May 29, center staff…

First Asian-American U.S. city mayor shares ‘The Power of Possibility’ with students


Published Oct. 15, 2019

The Asian Affairs Center, along with the Truman School of Public Affairs, invited Kang to share his experience embracing the American dream as an Asian immigrant.  

I-LEAP program provides students with real-world work experience


Published Sept. 11, 2019

Students participating in the I-LEAP program learn real-world English and develop an early career by interning at local businesses.

Asian Affairs Center works with MU geography instructor to foster diverse learning experience for students


Published Aug. 19, 2019

GeoBuds is a series of conversational events in which both American and Asian students can share their culture and values with each other.

New program helps Chinese scholars prepare for better careers


Published Aug. 12, 2019

The new Global Leadership Program offers an immersive English environment and the opportunity to live and study like American students.