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Study Abroad Blog, Page 18

A town preserved: Visiting the UNESCO heritage village of Bruges

By Olivia P.

Published April 6, 2017

On April 1, the last full day of our spring break program in Belgium, we got to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bruges. This charming town has been preserved in its most natural state and is littered with historical buildings, ornate churches and old-school marketplaces. Visiting Bruges was the equivalent of a real-life…

Good coffee and grassy hills

By Robert B.

Published April 4, 2017

I arrived in Brussels on Sunday morning after a 13-hour flight. Who knew I'd be energized after sitting in a cramped seat and binge watching "Brooklyn 99"? But I'm going too fast, let me start with my flight. My flight from the ever-busy Atlanta airport was quite exciting. I had the pleasure of sitting next…

Preparing for my first international trip

By Robert B.

Published March 23, 2017

After receiving an email stating that the School of Public Affairs was looking for students to participate in a study abroad program in Brussels, I immediately jumped on the application. Now, a few months later, I find myself searching the internet for converter outlets, places to exchange currency and the no-no's of travel. Destination: Brussels.…

Don’t have a clue? No problem

By Annie B.

Published March 14, 2017

Upon my arrival in Melbourne, Australia, I had no idea of what to expect. Yes, I was told many things and was given lots of tips of what to expect before moving here, but when I landed three weeks ago, all the things I learned beforehand went out the window. I had no idea what…

A patient mentor

By Benjamin Z.

Published March 13, 2017

As I entered the cable car at the base of the mountain, my mind was racing with nervous excitement. I signed up for a ski trip to the Alps, and this was my very first time on skis. Lack of experience would normally rule out the slope I was about to attempt, but I decided…

Great expectations

By Christa C.

Published March 1, 2017

I remember in my freshman year of high school, my teacher has us read "Great Expectations." I'm not entirely sure I understood what Dickens was trying to say at the time, but I do now. Looking at my calendar, every weekend has me jet-setting to a far off land, including Prague, Paris and Berlin, one…

Telling yourself “it’s no big deal”

By Christa C.

Published Feb. 20, 2017

Studying abroad is a very big deal. I'm not only learning how to cope with a new culture in Italy for four months, but I'm also taking classes at a new school, Florence University of the Arts, in places that sometimes take more than 30 minutes to find. Some people thrive faster than others, making…

Three countries, 14 days, 19 new friends and infinite memories

By Elizabeth N.

Published Feb. 15, 2017

Three countries, 14 days, 19 new friends and infinite memories describes my study abroad experience in a nutshell. During winter break 2016/17, I was fortunate enough to participate in the Trulaske College of Business South America program, where I could immerse myself in Chilean and Argentine cultures. My travel experience prior to this journey was…

School spirit to the max

By Jazmin M.

Published Jan. 3, 2017

I know Mizzou students love to show their school spirit during sporting events, but I think my school here in South Korea takes it to a whole new level. My host school, Korea University, has a rivalry with Yonsei University. Every year, they have a big competition called 고연전 (Goyeonjon) with their teams in baseball,…


By Taylor C.

Published Dec. 12, 2016

This weekend I traveled with my study abroad program to the regions of Normandy and Brittany. I've been to a small part of Normandy before, but I was super excited to go back and see even more of its beautiful landscape. Day one started at the Caen Memorial Museum. It's home to a fantastic and…