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Study Abroad Blog, Page 20

Farewell, Europe

By Hunter M.

Published July 20, 2016

As I prepared to go overseas, I had no idea what I was getting into. I could assume that it would be significantly different, but how? For weeks, I prepared myself for the culture shock of a lifetime. I researched and researched, hoping to get a handle on what was in store for me. Little…

The end

By Muhamedali K.

Published July 18, 2016

Well, I've officially left the United Kingdom. Around this time last year, I was in a similar place to the one I'm in now, at an airport, alone and scribbling in my journal. But that's where the similarities end. I was scared then, afraid of the unknown. I thought that I was happy where I…

Sweet tooth

By Hunter M.

Published July 15, 2016

Food is a major part of any culture, and dessert has always been a love of mine. Being in Europe presented me with a number of opportunities to try different desserts. I always heard that they'd be better overseas, but I had no idea they'd taste as good as they did. …

Chester Zoo, exams and the end of the year

By Muhamedali K.

Published July 13, 2016

It's here, the penultimate post! I hope that I haven't been too boring or repetitive, things that I am usually guilty of when it comes to writing, but I've had a great time working on these blog posts. The second to last month of my time in Manchester has been just as wonderful as the…

The Hague and Alkmaar

By Barbara P.

Published July 11, 2016

Yesterday, we were back at The Hague and right by the government buildings where there were several guards. We visited the former home of several past queens of Holland, which is now used as the Royal Portrait Gallery. I saw several Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Reubens and Steen works in this beautiful old home. [caption id=""…

Day one in New York

By Margaret G.

Published June 27, 2016

As I sit in a coffee shop before my first day (one and a half hours early because you have to account for traffic, of course), I begin to reflect on everything that has led up to this point. From choosing my future career path with my academic adviser to the countless changes I've made…

Struggles of public transportation

By Andrea H.

Published June 15, 2016

If people were to ask me what I thought the hardest part about study abroad was going to be, I would have said budgeting and not being able to communicate with my family 24/7 back in the States. Upon arrival, I realized that not having unlimited access to data and Wi-Fi would be a constant…


By Andrea H.

Published June 13, 2016

Everyone in the United States yearns of going to the islands in the Pacific. There is something appealing about the warm air, sea and endless amounts of sunshine. Fortunately for me, I was able to experience four of the 333 islands of Fiji. Upon arrival, I fell in love. The air was warm and the…

Birthdays and formals

By Muhamedali K.

Published June 9, 2016

It's been a while since my last post — but unlike Mizzou, we are still in our exam period so things have been a bit busy. Things here in Manchester have been fantastic, as usual, and quite a lot has happened in the last month or so. My birthday was back in April, and while…

F is for friends

By David L.

Published June 3, 2016

Making friends and building an optimal social circle is one of the most important factors in a study abroad experience. While this may seem easy to do, it can prove difficult at times. From my time abroad, here are the top five tips and tricks I have learned to make and sustain quality relationships. 1.…